Drones + Cameras


    Ariel’s credits include many of the biggest feature and drama productions in Australasia including Mulan 2020 – Disney MPP, The Luminaries 2020 – BBC / NBC Universal, Triangle 2020 – Disney/ABC Studios, Sweet Tooth 2020 – Netflix, Guns Akimbo 2020 – Altitude Films, The Letter for the King 2019 – Netflix, IMAX Dinosaurs Of Antarctica 2020 – GSF, Falling In Love 2019 – Netflix


  • Heavy Drones

    Ariel’s heavy systems represent the state of the art in drone technology designed to carry the highest quality camera and lens packages safely and reliably.

    Ariel always carries two heavy drones for redundancy in the case of a hardware glitch.

  • Light Drones

    Ariel’s smaller drones are incredibly useful where production needs a lighter weight crew or where the shots are in tight confines or require high speed flight. All lightweight drone rigs are transported in backpacks and are able to easily travel on international flights as carry on baggage as the batteries are under the 100 watt-hour capacity limit.

    Ariel always carries two drones for redundancy in the case of a hardware glitch.

  • Lightweight Cameras

    Ariel’s smaller drones are able to carry lighter cameras that are generally more cost effective but that use good lenses and are of a quality suitable for high end film, TV and content work.


  • CAA Certificated

    Ariel has been CAA102 certificated since 2015 and are permitted to conduct operations including.

    · Flights above 400ft altitude
    · Flights within 4km of aerodrome or controlled airspace
    · Flights at night (including golden hour)
    · Flights above people and property

  • Safe Operating Procedures

    Ariel has specific safe operating procedures that reflect the unique levels of risk and liability using drones on film and television sets present. These procedures encompass everything from drone proximity to lithium battery management.

  • Comprehensive Insurance

    Ariel holds comprehensive insurance cover as required by film productions. This includes.

    · $7.5M Aviation Liability Insurance
    · $1M Public Liability Insurance
    · $Full equipment insurance (Covering Ariel owned gear)
    · $150,000 “Hired in equipment” insurance covering all cameras, lenses and accessories that are attached to drones or rigs during production.


  • Sam Peacocke

    Aerial Cinematographer

    Sam’s background in music video and TV commercials means that he brings an innate understanding of the film making process and how camera movement can help directors create beautiful imagery.

    See some of his previous work here. www.sam.peacocke.com

  • Ryan Haste

    Drone Designer & Pilot

    Ryan is a racing drone designer whose creations have set lap records at a world championship level. Ryan’s lifelong passion for flight and his background in government sector compliance and operations means Ariel’s drones are in safe hands on set.

  • Giona Bridler

    Aerial Cinematographer & Photographer

    An award winning stills photographer; Giona has recently moved back to New Zealand after living in his native Switzerland for some years. Giona has shot all over the world and the last year has seen him using drones to explore aerial perspectives with his unique eye.

    See Giona’s work here. www.gionabridler.com